MapleStory - Knife


“A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it.” - Rabindranath Tagore
My name is Zé Naifa (HETEROSEXUAL MALE) and I'm a strange creature.
And this little space will be just like me. Weird, strange, full of all kind of stuff. Enough words. Let the pictures talk now!
fallenbeeing77 asked: Hi! soooo no nudes for no one? ;)


Hello fallenbeeing77.  I’m too shy and ugly for nudes. And there are plenty of nude guys on the internet (and on Tumblr) so there are many, many options and I’m no match for them xD So…



And I just want to shine brightly for you.

Photographer: Amanda M

wow asdfghjkl flawless

(via taint3ed)

Anonymous asked: If I send you my email can you send me some nudes? I'm a girl who like metal and naked guys who also like metal lol


Hello Anon. I thank you for your “proposition” but I’m too ugly for taking selfnudes and I don’t want to scare you and give you nightmares xD But you can always go to Google Image and search for “naked metal guys” xD I think it would be better (and probably “safer”) for you xD But thanks for your question :)

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